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Oct/7/2020 wrap-up: \\ War in Karabakh (Artsakh) \\ tide could be turning after crucial battles \\ retreat and ambush; Azeris flee to Iran; leave hundreds dead; oil storage gone \\ casualty report \\ donations continue \\ international response; calls are made to recognize Artsakh Republic \\ Oscars

Previous days: October 6, October 5, October 4, October 3, October 2, October 1, September 30, September 29, September 28, September 27

about Azerbaijan's claim that Armenia targeted the pipeline

Yesterday, Azerbaijan claimed that Armenia tried to bomb the Baku-Ceyhan pipeline with cassette bombs. Hikmet Hajiyev uploaded images of a few cluster-grenades and part of a missile that allegedly carried the grenades.
A senior journalist at RT Murad Gadziyev, however, doubts the accuracy of this claim. "The bombs shown in Hajiyev's images are identical to that of one used by Azerbaijan against Karabakh capital Stepanakert.
The Amnesty International has identified them as Israeli-made M095 DPICM shot from Israeli LAR-160. Armenia does not posses this weapon."
Wikipedia says Azerbaijan has 30 such missile units.
Artsakh official: if we wanted to bomb the pipeline, we would do it without missing. We want the pipeline to remain operational. By spreading the lie, Azerbaijan wants to pressure pipeline investors to take action, but they don't realize that these investors can obtain accurate information from elsewhere.
In other news, a journalist shared a video from Artsakh capital Stepanakert in which an expert provides details on these cluster-grenades. "We found 60 unexploded units in the past few days."

more reports about terrorists recruited by Azerbaijan

The exact number of jihadist mercenaries purchased by Azerbaijan is difficult to tell, but various sources have been confirming various numbers. From a few hundred to 1,500.
Syrian Observatory For Human Rights has learned about 1,000 mercenaries, 72 of whom are confirmed dead.
“I signed up to fight more than a week ago to go to Azerbaijan for three months in exchange for $2,000/mo,” said a 26-year-old nicknamed Abu Ahmad.
A fighter from the town of Atareb, Aleppo told AFP he is on the Karabakh front lines. “Yes, I am in Azerbaijan,” he wrote. Another source said he is part of a unit whose commander, Mohammad Shaaban, has died in action.
According to “Novaya Gazeta,” in the Turkish-controlled town of Afrin, the recruitment process is handled by a Turkmen commander Seif Abu Bakr. “The registration of militants takes place in a small office in Afrin" before they're sent to Gaziantep, Istanbul, then Azerbaijan.

freebies for jihadists

War expert Karen Hovhannisyan: It turns out that the terrorists imported by Azerbaijan have started their real work. It does not matter to the terrorists where they will carry out their work.
Azerbaijani settlements, from which the population left for safety reasons, are now being looted by terrorists. It's accompanied by arson. You eat what you cook.

identity revealed

The video features a 23-year-old Syrian mercenary Mustafa Qanti from Hamza brigade, fighting for the Azerbaijani army while complaining about the Armenian artillery strikes.
Some social media users earlier claimed the video was from Syria, but at some point, the terrorist (cusses Armenia) retreats and enters a facility which was later visually identified as an Azeri facility from another video (I posted those comparison links in my previous posts).

October 7th arrives

2:22 - 8:00 am, WarGonzo reporter: cluster bombs are being dropped on Stepanakert again. Explosions were heard in suburbs until morning.
https://t.me/wargonzo/3644 , https://t.me/sashakots/17201
A photo showing a 2-story Stepanakert building in ruins after yesterday's indiscriminate bombing.
4:08 am, WarGonzo from Stepanakert: is this Azerbaijan's cry of despair? They've been bombing the capital too frequently all night. Let us sleep for a few hours! Tomorrow is an important day.
8:40: Stepanakert is being shelled again.
8:45 MoD spokeswoman: at night, Azeris tried to advance in the south-east front, but before they reached Jabrayil, we shelled their troops. Around 6:30 am they left 60 dead, 22 destroyed armored vehicles, several dozen abandoned functional vehicles. Three of their brigades, which were armed to their teeth, fled the battlefield. Experts know what "3 brigade" means. Video soon.
Just now, in the south-east direction, we bombed a large oil/fuel/lubricant storage. Video soon.
We developed opportunities for future success in multiple areas.
Video: https://youtu.be/20q-JaIZjPU
https://t.me/infocomm/22428 , https://news.am/arm/news/606497.html
8:52 army spokesman: being unable to carry out successful attack strategies for the second day in a raw, Azeris opted for provocations.
They'll group in large numbers along the southern border with Iran to use it as a shield. They want us to accidentally shoot Iranian lands. It's possible that they could find themselves having to flee into the Iranian territory.
To avoid this, we think Iran should take steps to prevent Azeris from gathering at their border.
(Army spokesman later added that Iran has responded to this but details aren't subject for disclosure.)
https://t.me/infocomm/22429 , https://factor.am/292283.html
8:57 Artsakh govt: The enemy's terrorist army is being ruthlessly destroyed at the moment.
9:14 Artsakh official: let's hold a national prayer for our army.
10:00 Armenian-Turkish MP Garo Paylan:
Գիտէի որ մինակ չեմ։ Բայց ուրախ եմ տեսնելու, թէ այսքա՜ն բազմութիւն ենք…
Շնորհակալ եմ բոլոր անոնց, որոնք նեցուկ եղան ինծի։" He vowed to continue to fight against wars, after gathering supportive petitions.
10:15: boys have a message from the front line.
10:42 Artsakh govt: it's best for Azerbaijan's number-one terrorist (Aliyev) to escape Baku now before he is judged by his people.
13:09 Artsakh prez. adviser: Erdogan and Aliyev must stand before the international court for targeting civilians and schools.
10:45 army: Azeris will try to deny our success because they don't like bad news and they can't bother the sultan with bad news in Baku. But that's alright, the evidence will come soon.
10:45: Armenian soldiers sent a message from fronts. "Dukhov."
10:57: footage showing the destroyed Azeri fuel facility and a thick black smoke engulfing the skies and hopefully the drones. Also, photos showing the destruction of several Azeri vehicles, while the rest appear to either flee or abandoned.
Video: https://youtu.be/hSAFvLqFXXw
Photos: https://factor.am/292098.html
11:02 army: we destroyed another large fuel oil facility belonging to Azeris in the south. To be continued.
Photo: https://armenpress.am/arm/news/1030664.html
11:07: a mayor of Meghri municipality Mkhitar Zakaryan underwent surgery after receiving a wound in the southern front. He's feeling well.
https://factor.am/292139.html , https://armenpress.am/arm/news/1030690.html
11:13 army: they're taking the revenge of the loss of 3 brigades in the south by bombing capital Stepanakert. That's all they're capable of.
11:19 Artsakh govt: almost nothing left. Azeri-terrorist army escapes faster than their drones.
11:44 army: Yesterday we recaptured the Varangatag (Lulasaz) height in the north after a counterattack by special units with the help of volunteers squads. Azeris left 6 dead.
11:57: Azerbaijan is officially against the placement of peacekeepers. Both sides would need to agree for the installation to happen.
12:03 Artsakh govt: The wave of our army's excitement is becoming uncontrollable. It continues to brilliantly fulfill its combat mission. Panic almost disintegrated the enemy troops, who have lost control of the situation and are shooting at each other.
12:06 Pashinyan to BBC World: just as in 2013 and 2015, we are ready for compromise but Baku refuses to recognize the Nagorno-Karabakh people's right for self-determination.
More: https://news.am/arm/news/606526.html
12:29: Human Rights Ombudsman will inform the international colleagues about Azerbaijan's use of terrorists, including from ISIS, against the Armenian civilians.
https://factor.am/292196.html , https://news.am/arm/news/606522.html
12:31 army spokesman to a journalist: this isn't trench warfare. Don't compare it to older minor clashes. Azerbaijan has thrown at us its entire army. There will be losses and gains size of many kilometers when hundreds of armored vehicles and dozens of thousands of troops are marching.
12:36: video showing the downing of an Azeri drone and several destroyed vehicles in the south. Some speculated it could be Hermes.
13:00 Pashinyan to TIME: Turkey wants to restore the Ottoman Empire. Erdogan is trying to strengthen his positions in the Caucasus. Today, Armenia and Karabakh are the front lines of civilization, fighting against thousands of terrorists from Syria.
13:16: Ilham Aliyev had his first phone conversation with Vladimir Putin.
13:26 army: the oil facility that we bombed had a military barrack next to it. Azeris left 200 dead there. They don't care an ounce about the lives of their soldiers.
Video shows the multiple Armenian strikes on the barrack facilities: https://youtu.be/ZbxbNW9RSKk
These barracks were wholly rebuilt in 2015 and contained howitzers, motorized rifle battalions, personnel. They are located east of Martakert, in north-east.
13:29: reporters from Russian Izvestia news were close to the Stepanakert area where the Azeri bombs exploded. They took cover in a basement.
Video: https://iz.ru/1070499/2020-10-07/korrespondenty-izvestii-popali-pod-obstrel-v-nagornom-karabakhe
14:10: the General Prosecutor of Armenia has sent a letter to his Iranian colleague about the identification and neutralization of terrorists deployed by Azerbaijan along the southern border.
14:18 diplomat: by siding with Armenia and granting the emergency petition to require Turkey not to target Armenian civilians, the Europen Court for Human Rights has thus confirmed the Turkish presence in this conflict, based on evidence provided by us.
14:25 army: the Tavush area of the Armenia-Azerbaijan border has been mostly calm throughout the war.
14:41 Iranian president's aide: this conflict cannot be solved through war. Some, who are outside Iran, are trying to seize on the opportunity and create conflicts between Armenians and Azeris living in Iran. Some social media videos were examined, which were subsequently revealed to be recorded outside of Iran. Our Internal Affairs Ministry will handle it. The situation has improved recently, but we still have to be vigilant.
15:07: footage showing the Armenian soldier taunting the alleged capture of two tanks.
Language: https://twitter.com/301_AD/status/1313769913425764352?s=19
15:12 QP MP: if Azerbaijan agrees to a temporary ceasefire to collect the bodies, the panic in Azerbaijan could be the end of Aliyev.
15:36 ex-aide to Artsakh prez.: the situation can change rapidly. While Azeris upload videos of planting flags somewhere, we strike back and retake it. There have been multiple such instances.
15:57: the bombing of Stepanakert has resulted in the death of an emergency firefighter-rescuer. He is given a posthumous medal for carrying out his duties. Dozens of houses and other civilian objects have been damaged.
https://armenpress.am/arm/news/1030709.html , https://armenpress.am/arm/news/1030729.html , https://armenpress.am/arm/news/1030748.html
16:05: an Azeri soldier allegedly fell captive to Armenian forces. He was told to repeat "Ilham Aliyev is a b---h".
Video: https://twitter.com/301_AD/status/1313797157594554368?s=19
The death toll in Armenia since yesterday morning has risen to 320. Among them is journalist Mikael Hajiyan's son; the other son died in the 2016 clashes. An ARF volunteer and opera singer Gevorg Hachyan, and another volunteer Mher Harutyunyan. Assyrian soldier Narek Davtyan is among them.
https://armenpress.am/arm/news/1030714.html , https://armenpress.am/arm/news/1030660.html , https://news.am/arm/news/606551.html , https://news.am/arm/news/606659.html , https://news.am/arm/news/606660.html , https://news.am/arm/news/606672.html , https://twitter.com/AssyrianSstatus/1313815584744693760
102 more names of deceased Azeri soldiers have been identified by non-official sources. Total of ~3,400 by Armenian official sources.
16:34: the EAEU trade bloc delegation from various states, which includes the Russian MP Mishustin, has arrived in Yerevan.
16:50 Stepanakert mayor: over half of the Artsakh capital population Stepanakert has chosen to stay in the city. They are in shelters. We are providing them with the necessary items.
WarGonzo reporters met several residents in bomb shelters:
17:24: army shared footage showing the retreat of the Azeri soldiers while they receive artillery strikes. Also destruction of oil reserve/barracks.
17:33 Armenian govt: if you're a volunteer wanting to help refugees from Artsakh, it's best to provide your resources to the govt which is better organized and can properly redirect the aid.
17:31: Azeri outlet Freeazerbaijan writes that the Azeri soldiers are in a dire state near southern Jabrayil. They have been encircled.
The source says an Azeri soldier contacted his parents and informed that although they can hear the Azeri army radio frequencies, no one gets in touch with them and they're simply left to die there. "The soldiers are thinking about turning themselves in."
17:42: Aliyev has slightly changed his rhetoric and is willing to return to the negotiating table "when the military phase is over".
17:53 Pashinyan to Russian Channel 1 TV: the UN resolutions, which Armenia is accused of breaking, should not be cut from context and viewed separately. We need to analyze what's written there.
There is no word about military action by the Republic of Armenia, while the last clause states that Azerbaijan started the war and lost territories as a result, which are controlled by the Armenian self-defense forces of Nagorno-Karabakh.
The Republic of Armenia itself is mentioned when the calls are made for the Republic of Armenia to use its influence over Nagorno-Karabakh to stabilize the situation. The context of this part of the resolution is a certain situation that we had in 1993, and was adopted in 1993. It's about a specific event and shouldn't be presented out of context.
17:53 army spokesman: today is the day of one of the most glorious victories in our history. Glory to the Armenian army.
18:27 WarGonzo Russian reporter: my source from front says Azeris are retreating en-masse from the south. Some tried to escape to Iran.
https://t.me/wargonzo/3659 , https://t.me/wargonzo/3660
18:58 Armenian Parliament official: I met several international colleagues and learned that their perceptions of the Karabakh conflict are changing. This is good. I continue to contact the international partners.
19:07: Pashinyan's interview to Russian Channel One, in which he reiterated that Artsakh is fighting against terrorism.
Video: https://www.facebook.com/watch/?v=380706773295658
19:08: "This baby-face is Harutyun Dokhoyan. He shot 5 tanks, 1 armored vehicle, 1 TOS missile unit," said army spokesman and shared his photo:
19:20: soldiers shared a new video from the front. "Our 18-year-old խոխեքը, with the help of 60+ veterans, are ready to defend our land."
19:21: footage showing a precision artillery strike on a group of Azeri soldiers and MT-12 Rapira equipment.
19:28: Azeri state propaganda is caught with another funny lie. An Azeri reporter staged a scene of an alleged Armenian bombardment so he can record a cool video.
In another instance, while dressed up in a soldiers' uniform, he meets an "Armenian civilian woman" who was mysteriously working as a cashier in the middle of Nowhere, Alabama. (Hint: she is an Azeri actress).
They forgot to fully cover the actress's military outfit. The jacket she was wearing was a bit too short. "Welcome back to your home," says the alleged Armenian woman to Azeri soldiers, in what appears to be the world's most awkward movie ever.
"It was a low-quality effort," replied the Armenian MoD.
Video 🤡🤡🤡: https://www.facebook.com/watch/?v=385794986140300
Armenians made a mocking video playing a similar scene featuring Azniv Khanum:
19:33 army: we have liberated one of the lost positions and saved 19 Armenian soldiers who earlier chose to hide in forests instead of retreating. Azeris have left 100 dead and large numbers of destroyed equipment. (allegedly in the north)
19:38: Icelandic company KERECIS will give a 70% discount to Armenia for skin transplants meant for wounded soldiers. 30,000 cm2 skin was purchased for $124,000 with the help of www.himnadram.org.
This is the first-ever use in Armenia; it helps with burns and wounds. Two medical experts will travel from Germany and Iceland for help.
19:44: the Catholicos Garegin B condemned any attempts to portray this conflict as Christianity vs Islam. "The Armenian Church, the Armenian people, and the people professing Islam, have lived side by side for centuries with friendly relations."
19:55: video uploaded by an Armenian soldier allegedly showing a recaptured area and the numbness-inducing syringes that Azeri soldiers have been using.
20:31: Azerbaijan continues the indiscriminate bombing of cities of Stepanakert, Shushi, and Hadrut.
https://armenpress.am/arm/news/1030768.html , https://armenpress.am/arm/news/1030778.html
21:04: two Azeri drones fell in the Georgian territories, reports the Georgian govt. No injuries. An investigation was launched.
21:43 Pashinyan to Russian RBK outlet: Nagorno-Karabakh has never been part of Azerbaijan. The latter's actions prove it. They claim Armenians and Azeris can live together, yet they destroy Armenian cities. Does Aliyev think Armenians will want to live in Azerbaijan if he bombs their cities? Nagorno-Karabakh can never be and will never be part of Azerbaijan. (note: Nagorno section of Karabakh is commonly used to describe part of Karabakh where the Armenians lived.)
22:15 army spokesman: our foreign allies aren't on the battlefield because we don't need their aid. We are currently handling and winning the battles while relying solely on ourselves. (he was asked whether Artsakh receives foreign help since Turkey helps Azeris).
In the past 2 days, tens of thousands have volunteered to join the army, regardless of age.
Today and yesterday were crucial battles with a lot of force. Everything can reach its logical end in the coming days. In a short time, the military actions and heroism of these days will be written in golden letters.
Azeri army and terrorists sustained 280 deaths today. >60 armored vehicles were destroyed. A significant quantity was captured in a functional state.
There have never been battles this dense in the past 20-30 years. I won't give specific details about positional changes now. Such changes are normal during large wars.
In the north and south, after 7 days of the war, while armed to their teeth, the Azeri army only achieved what a single brigade was supposed to achieve. This is disgraceful.
https://armenpress.am/arm/news/1030782.html , https://armenpress.am/arm/news/1030784.html , https://armenpress.am/arm/news/1030786.html , https://factor.am/292616.html , https://t.me/infocomm/22555
22:07: satellite image shows the Turkish F-16 jets in Azeri Ganja airport on October 4th. Yet more evidence of Turkish involvement.
22:31 army: The routing of the advance Azeri units in the southern section is nearly complete.
22:38 Artsakh official: Aliyev will soon crawl to the Tsar (Putin) on his knees, but the Tsar will have more important things to do. Hugging the Sultan (Erdogan) is no longer beneficial.
23:30: footage showing how a dozen Azeri soldiers leave their outpost and route in panic after receiving artillery strikes, before hiding behind a hill, but unfortunately for them, a large bomb falls near their hiding spot. Two more try to run but get picked up by Armenian snipers.
Video: https://youtu.be/6L_M_zM87Qs?t=5
23:42 Pashinyan to Euronews: the international community must recognize Artsakh.

the international response continues

European Parliament's German MP Martin Sonnenborn: I don't want to divert attention from COVID, but it is a bigger crisis when a democratic society is being bombed with cluster bombs (referring to Stepanakert). This is what the insane leaders of Baku and Bosphorus are doing in Karabakh. They are targeting Armenians regardless of age and health status.
I wouldn't want to waste time on Azerbaijan. This disgraceful state is linked to European values through its oil pipelines. They made it clear that their intention is the continuation of the Armenian Genocide.
I recognize the Republic of Artsakh and urge everyone to join me.
Netherlands Parliament could sanction Azerbaijan's President Ilham Aliyev and his family unless he stops the war. "Fighting on Karabakh must stop ASAP. The solution is at the negotiating table. Personal sanctions against Aliyev, who stated that he won't stop, can put pressure on him," said MP Martijn van Helvet.
The Dutch Parliament adopted a resolution asking the government to raise the topic in the European Parliament and to reconsider Azerbaijan's future cooperation in Eastern Partnership program "if necessary".
https://t.me/reartsakh/4420 , https://t.me/infoteka24/8196 , https://www.aravot.am/2020/10/06/1140997/
European Parliament's Catalonian MP Jordi Solé has called for the recognition of the Artsakh Republic's right for self-determination. (G R A Z I E)
Video: https://twitter.com/jordisolef/status/1313754200749342720?s=19
The Uruguay Senate has unanimously passed a resolution condemning Turkey's recruitment of mercenaries for the Karabakh conflict.
French Foreign Minister criticized Turkey for its role in the conflict.
(unrelated to this conflict) Turkey's Human Rights Association has urged Turkish political parties to fight against racist language to prevent physical attacks against Kurds, Armenians, etc. So far this year, they counted 7 murders and 32 injuries as a result of hate crimes.
FRANCE 24: Israel under diplomatic fire over arms to Azerbaijan
Greece has recalled its ambassador to Azerbaijan for consultations after Azerbaijan accused Greece of harboring and recruiting terrorists (lol?). Greece also denied being involved with Azeri govt websites being hacked earlier.
The majority of the European Parliament MPs, including EU's Foreign Affairs and Security Policy chief Josep Borrell, have called for holding Turkey responsible for provoking and inflaming the conflict.
Other MPs have stated: this war, started by dictator Ilham Aliyev, is being aided by Erdogan's jihadist allies. They want to enforce Stalin's unfair plan to separate Karabakh from Armenia.
Sanction Aliyev. Expel Turkey from Minsk Group. Don't draw false comparisons between Karabakh and Azerbaijan. As Andrei Sakharov used to say, Karabakh is a matter of ambition for Azerbaijan but a matter of life and death for Armenians of Karabakh.
The Ratilio folklore ensemble of Vilnius University wished peace to Artsakh with a song:
Performance: https://youtu.be/ZrTAdOskV4I
Latvian president's adviser Jurgis Klotins expressed support for Artsakh and shared a video recorded by the local Armenian youth:
Video: https://www.facebook.com/watch/?v=333334931288726
The moderators of /Russia subreddit shared a message:

the Armenian Diaspora continues to respond

The Armenian community of Luxemburg organized a demonstration in support of Artsakh. They were joined by members of the Parliament. The attendees organized a fundraiser and collection of aid.
Photos: https://armenpress.am/arm/news/1030642.html
Thousands of Armenians and supporters gathered in Brussels in front of the European Parliament building, urging a swift condemnation Azeri-Turkish aggression. They were dispersed with water cannons.
Video: https://youtu.be/qYmyzXRsO5I
Water cannon: https://youtu.be/X39qEq9rXtE
Hundreds of Armenians and supporters gathered in front of the Los Angeles Times outlet's headquarters, asking for fair coverage.

the donations continue to arrive

www.himnadram.org has so far collected $72m. That's around 1/3rd of what the Republic of Armenia spends on healthcare annually.
Your donations to www.himnadram.org go towards helping 14-year-old boys like Vahe, who drove 250 kilometers to take his family to safety while his dad is defending the borders.
Armenian businessman Khachatur Sukiasyan (Grzo) has donated $1m.
The French city of Issy-les-Moulineaux is Ejmiatsin's "sister city". Mayor André Santini has pledged to donate 70,000 Euros.
Citizens organized an aid collection flashmob for Artsakh refugees, residents, and soldiers.
BHK MPs will donate this month's salaries to himnadram.org
Artsakh govt commenting the $71m Himnadram donations: After the victory, there will be many worries. We must have a newly built Artsakh. We must restore the ruins quickly. We are very grateful to everyone for donations.

internal news, COVID, politics, economy

The second wave of COVID rages on. +2,878 tested. +672 infected. +178 healed. +5 deaths. 7348 active.
Parliament voted 88-0 to approve a govt bill that reforms the taxation law in a way that allows banks and loan agencies to, without facing taxation issues, forgive the loans which are deemed as un-payable by citizens. This will help many residents, who currently face hardship, with their loan situation.
The court decided to keep BHK party chief Gagik Tsarukyan (Dodi Gago) under arrest for 2 more months. He was detained 2 months ago after being charged with vote-buying in the 2017 elections and financial crimes. Tsarukyan was hoping to be released considering the state of war.
The IRS has collected more funds than anticipated in the January-September period. That's $2.111b instead of $2.074b last year.
More taxes were collected from income, and more refunds were given to businesses.
The taxes collected from border imports have declined YoY because last year everyone was rushing to import vehicles for resale under favorable EAEU trade-bloc terms which ended in 2020.
You've read 3981 words.
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The importance of crosshair placement, why you're doing it wrong, and how to fix it.

The importance of crosshair placement, why you're doing it wrong, and how to fix it.

Valorant and the importance of crosshair placement.


Hey guys, I'm Twix, and I'm back with another informative post, this time concerning the aspect of crosshair placement. Through this post I will be discussing the importance of crosshair placement within the tac shooter genre, going over the most common mistakes I see people make in my experience as a coach, and offering structured routines to remedy the majority of these mistakes. If you haven't read through any of my posts before ( I wouldn't they're too long ) I am an FPS player which mainly played CS:GO competitively, with around 7k hours and multiple level 10 faceit accounts and LAN wins in the past 5 years, who transitioned towards the end of my CS:GO days into being an FPS coach, I mainly worked with people trying to gain a competitive edge in CS, but later moved to coaching Apex players, and following the closed beta release of Valorant, I have been coaching Valorant players for the past few months, with unanimously positive feedback. If you haven't read my first post which is a comprehensive general guide for players looking to improve in Valorant, I highly recommend you look at it here before continuing on to this post. In relation to other qualifications / achievements, I have hit top 30 as hitscan DPS in Overwatch, maintained top 500 ranking in Apex ( PC ) for a couple of seasons, and hold numerous 1% rankings on various Kovaak's FPS Aim Trainer maps. My main goal in creating these posts is to contribute to the Valorant community by sharing my knowledge gained over 10k collective hours of FPS experience ( mainly Tactical fps ) and hopefully help the people reading my posts improve and gain that competitive edge they need to progress into their desired ranking. For those of you interested in learning more about my coaching service, or looking for a community of Valorant players looking to improve, I will link my Discord server at the end of this post.

Why is crosshair placement important?

If I was asked about the importance of consistent crosshair placement in games such as PUBG, Apex, Overwatch, Fortnite, etc. I would probably answer by saying that while it's beneficial to maintain solid crosshair placement, it's by no means the most important aspect in relation to performing well in those games, in tactical shooters however, it's a whole different story. Tactical shooters are low TTK ( time to kill ) games, and for the most part, a single bullet to the head is enough to eliminate a player, this means that in contrast to AFPS games, or games like Overwatch or Apex, which have a much higher TTK, first shot accuracy is of extreme importance in Valorant, inevitably leading to the fact that crosshair placement is also extremely important. In a game with higher TTK, even if your first shot accuracy isn't perfect in an aim duel, you can win the fight if you land more shots on the opposing player over x amount of time that you trade with them, while in Valorant, whoever needs to make the least amount of adjustment to their crosshair when engaging in a 1v1 scenario wins the exchange. It doesn't matter if your raw aim is out of this world, even if you have the most precise flicks known to the FPS community, if your crosshair placement is sub-optimal, you will lose vs. someone with consistent crosshair placement, this is simply due to the fact that all they need to do, is click once your head moves into their crosshair, often without even needing to move their mouse. Crosshair placement may very well be the most important aspect in relation to gunplay and generally the mechanical aspect of tac shooters such as CS:GO or Valorant, as it's the deciding factor in the majority of aim duels.

Common mistakes

A large amount of players tend to underestimate the importance of crosshair placement in Valorant, and especially the underlying complexity of maintaining consistency in that context. People think that all you need to do to maintain solid crosshair placement is aim high enough to hit headshots, meaning that the only factor that affects crosshair placement is vertical positioning, others still stick to making their main source of information on game improvement being players who make statements as un-informative and vague as "just click heads", my main goal is to break down and explain the multiple factors that go into proper crosshair placement. Lets start with the basics:

Vertical Positioning:
As mentioned above, one of the elements which ties into crosshair placement is vertical positioning. this is the set distance that you need to position your crosshair at in relation to the ground to be able to align your crosshair's horizontal axis with player model head-level. The good thing about vertical positioning, is that you can get accustomed to the head level that the player models have in Valorant quite rapidly, as the hitbox sizes in this game are identical, meaning you can always use the ground as a point of reference to determine where the enemy player's head would be.
In Valorant, the head level always remains a set distance from the ground
In order to train your general ability to place your crosshair at the correct height, try to make a habit out of constantly reminding yourself to place your crosshair at head level, regardless of where you are or what you're doing on the map. What I mean by this, is that even if there isn't any imminent threat of enemy players peeking you, try to keep constantly keep your crosshair at head level, the more time you spend doing this, the faster it will become a habit and become something you do subconsciously, without having to actively focus on the action. This habit allows you to build muscle-memory during otherwise useless down-time, another way to do this is to track your teammate's heads with your crosshair while rotating, leaving spawn etc.
While vertical positioning is something that people get used to relatively easily, I have come across a recurring issue among the VODs of people I coach, and that is that people generally struggle with adapting the vertical component of their crosshair's position to varying points of elevation. Here's an image to help you visualize a scenario where this could be an issue:
Peeking C Long, Positions marked: Cubby ( right ), Platform ( left ), back-site ( back )
In the image above I am peeking into C back-site from C long on the map 'Haven', I have highlighted three different positions / angles where an enemy could potentially peak from in an in-game reenactment of this scenario, Platform, Cubby, and back-site. What you'll notice is that these positions all have different points of elevation, meaning that while using the ground as reference will allow me to maintain my crosshair at head-level if someone peeks my position from ground level on C site, in order to clear cubby and platform, I would need to adjust my crosshair accordingly, using their lower levels as a reference for where the head-level position would be in those angles.
Unfortunately, if you are struggling with this due to the fact that you aren't familiar with the map layout yet, the only thing that will remedy your situation is more time spent playing the game, if however, your issue stems from a mechanical inability, meaning that your mouse control isn't good enough to allow you to make such adjustments comfortably, the routine provided later in the guide may help you get past that issue.

Horizontal Positioning:
Just as with vertical positioning, horizontal positioning is pretty self-explanatory in terms of it's function. Knowing at what height to position your crosshair at in relation to the environment is far easier to do than knowing where to position it on a horizontal axis, the reasoning behind this is that with vertical placement you will always have the ground or lower level of the object the opponent is standing on as a point of reference which allows you to instantly know at what height head-level is. When focusing on the horizontal aspect of crosshair placement, there isn't a set point of reference at all times; Sometimes you need to hold wide angles, sometimes you need to move along with the object you're playing against, and sometimes you need to pre-aim to swing effectively, all this variability makes it much harder for a newer player to grasp crosshair placement and horizontal positioning is just as crucial as vertical positioning if not even more important.
A very common mistake which I see a lot of in the VODs I review as a coach, is newer players holding angles too tightly, meaning that they're playing in a position where they anticipate an enemy push and are waiting for the engagement, and their crosshair is a position where it's hugging the edge of the wall the enemy will peek from. Here is a visual representation of what I'm talking about:

Example of incorrect horizontal placement
In the image above, I'm holding an angle where if someone crosses moving parallel to the wall I'm looking at, I'll have under 50 ms to react, my crosshair is so close to the edge of the wall that I will need to click my LMB the milli-second I see the enemy. By holding this angle, chances are that by the time I click the enemy will have already crossed to the left of my crosshair resulting in a miss and most likely my death; It would take inhuman reaction times for anyone to hit a player while holding like this, especially if the enemy player is swinging. Instead, you should allow some distance from your crosshair to the edge of the angle you're holding, allowing yourself to spot the enemy's player model, and then time your click effectively. Here is a visual representation of correct crosshair placement while holding the same angle:

Example of correct horizontal placement
As you can see, in the image above I am allowing for some space between the wall and my crosshair, giving me a significantly longer time window to spot an enemy player and react. Holding an angle that's too "tight" would mean I need to make a larger adjustment to hit the enemy, and therefore I increase my margin of error due to vertical overshoot ( see below ). There are exceptions to the rule when it comes to the distance you need to hold at, if the angle you are holding only allows forward movement ( into your crosshair ) you can hold a narrow line of sight. If you are clearing an angle ( moving along it to check for enemies ) and you are the agressor, you can hold tight and move along with the wall / LOS to allow for a faster reaction if you spot an enemy during your movement. If you are the agressor and you want to swing into an angle that you believe / know an enemy is holding, it is sometimes optimal to pre-aim, meaning you position your crosshair in a way where without moving your mouse it will be aimed at the enemy's head once you swing out the angle.

Vertical Offset:
The final common issue I would like to bring up which ties into both crosshair placement and horizontal click-timing, is something I call "vertical offset" or "vertical overshoot", this is a player's inability to move his crosshair horizontally while maintaining the same vertical placement. Vertical offset is a big issue when it comes to switching angles or flicking horizontally, I have seen many scenarios where a player is holding an angle properly with their crosshair at a pixel-perfect vertical position in relation to head level, only to make a 30 degree turn to check a different angle and end up shooting at an enemy's chest and losing the duel. Usually, the larger the movement, the more the player's crosshair deviates vertically. Here is a depiction of what vertical offset / overshooting looks like in-game:

Example of margin of error caused by vertical offset / overshooting
In the image above the green dot is where the crosshair should end up in an ideal scenario while flicking from it's current position to the target dummy, while the green lines represent a theoretical margin of error for overshooting. Fortunately for people that face this issue, I have come up with multiple Kovaak's maps and firing range excercises to help combat it and largely reduce your margin of error when moving your crosshair / flicking horizontally.

Settings: What sensitivity / crosshair should I use?

This part of the post discusses a topic which is highly subjective, both the sensitivity you use and the crosshair you use are something preference-based that you should decide upon on your own, the reason I'm adding this section into the post is for players which are newer to the tac-shooter genre; There are a few guidelines that will help them narrow down the settings that work the best for them.
First off, don't by any means copy your favorite pro's config, just because something works for a professional player that has probably spent well above 10,000 hours playing FPS games and decided upon their ideal sensitivity and crosshair within that massive period of time, doesn't mean that it's going to work for you, use whatever you're most comfortable with. Other than individual preference, and having gotten used to their sensitivity, the Pros you watch may be using gear which feels different at their sensitivity setting. A lighter mouse, faster mouse-pad, and faster feet can feel very different in terms of mouse movement, even if you're playing on the same sensitivity value on paper. In relation to grip-styles and what mice are ideal for each hand size, make sure to check out my first post in this sub before moving forward with this guide, as playing on hardware that caters to your individual preferences plays an important role in increasing your mechanical potential.

As I stated in the paragraph above, sensitivity is something quite subjective and while there's no general rule as to which single sens value is superior, Valorant and CS:GO professionals tend to stick to e-dpi or cm/360 much lower than professional players in other titles and FPS subgenres. Your e-dpi is your in-game sensitivity value multiplied by your mouse's DPI setting. The average e-dpi used by Valorant professionals is around 250 e-dpi, which would be a value of 0.625 in-game @ 400 DPI, or around 50 cm/360.

Pro player & Streamer sensitivity settings (e-dpi)
cm/360 is a universal format for sensitivity measurement, it's the amount of centimeters you need to move your mouse in order to perform a full rotation. This is the format adopted within aimer communities due to the simple fact that you asking someone "what sensitivity do you play on?" And them responding with "1.5 in CSGO" is pretty useless information as they could be playing at any DPI range, and you don't necessarily know what each CSGO sens corresponds to in relation to physical movement, or even movement in other games. "e-dpi" solves the issue of different DPI x Sens measurements within the same game, but the cm/360 format is easily transferable from title to title.
The reason professional players in the tac shooter genre use lower sens on average, is due to the fact that in contrast with other FPS games, tac shooters don't require larger or extended movements, instead they require you to hold or clear angles while maintaining stable crosshair placement, the least adjustments you need to make to your crosshair's position on your screen, the better your "aim" will be. The majority of players I have coached report that it has been significantly easier for them to maintain consistent crosshair placement at lower sensitivities. For newer players that still haven't found a "main" sensitivity that they feel comfortable on, I would recommend for them to stick to the range of 200-300 e-dpi, while for more experienced players coming from CS or other similar games, I would recommend a similar range with a higher cap, at 200-400 e-dpi ( very few professional players play above 300 e-dpi ).

Crosshair settings:
This is something even more subjective and preference-based than sensitivity even, so what I will do in this section is simply post my own settings which I use for my in-game crosshair, and explain why I picked each value within the menu.

Crosshair Settings
So, lets break my crosshair down setting by settings:
  • Color: I use "Cyan" as it stands out quite well for me with my current color settings, any color that doesn't match your enemy outline color works perfectly fine here.
  • Inner Line Opacity: This setting basically determines how see through your crosshair will be, I like setting mine at "1" as It makes the crosshair stand out more.
  • Inner Line Thickness: I set this to "1" which is the lowest value, a lot of professional players like to use "2", I think setting the value to "1" makes it easier to align your crosshair with heads or with other objects in the environment, it is also less obstructive, so I highly recommend either this or "2" to newer players
  • Inner Line Offset: This setting determines how large the gap is in your crosshair, I like setting this to "1" as the gap is as small as possible without disappearing, larger gaps make it more difficult to determine where the exact center of your screen is, which can act as a hnderance in your first shot accuracy at longer range engagements.
  • Movement & Firing Error: These settings just turn your crosshair into a dynamic crosshair and make the gap widen significantly while moving or shooting respectively in order to give you a visual representation of how the innacuracy factor works. Useless and distracting, would highly suggest that you keep these both off unless you're very new and still don't understand how movement / spray accuracy works.
  • Outer Lines: Everything is off here, I don't think playing with outer lines provides any benefit whatsoever and it's an extra distraction.

Crosshair Placement Improvement Routine:

A large portion of improving your crosshair placement is based on simply playing the game more, crosshair placement is largely based on muscle memory, part of having good crosshair placement is simply based on having experience in-game allowing it to become a subconscious habit, and the rest is based on your ability to anticipate player model movement and learn to make horizontal movements without simultaneously your crosshair vertically. The routine I will provide is not only a great way to work on your crosshair placement, but also highly beneficial to the click-timing aspect of your aim, which is basically the only element of aiming required in Valorant, as good tracking is unecessary in such a low TTK game. If you are already training using a daily routine on Kovaak's ( as you should be ) you can just implement this into your daily scenarios.

( These are all maps which require you to make horizontal movements without overshooting vertically, thus good aim training for those struggling with crosshair placement, see my other posts for a larger variety of Kovaaks maps )

  • 1 wall 2 targets horizontal - 10 minutes ( focus on your flicks, work on hitting both targets in the same movement, not pausing in between )
  • Valorant Small flicks - 10 minutes ( Great routine as head level is that of Valorant, and vertical deviation will cause you to miss, forcing you to maintain head level as you play through it )
  • PatTarget Switch small - 10 minutes ( Works on your ability to swap from one target to another while maintaining head level crosshair placement, keep LMB held while playing, only go for heads )


  • Valorant doesn't currently offer it's own deathmatch servers, therefore the next best thing is practicing in CS:GO. HSDM is a headshot only modifier for community FFA servers in CS:GO. To access these maps go to "Community Server Browser" and simply type in "HSDM", any server with decent population will do ( preferably 128 tick ). Playing FFA on headshot only forces you to maintain head-level crosshair placement as body shots don't count. I advise going for taps rather than spraying, as it limits the RNG, also spraying in CS:GO isn't transferable to Valorant as a mechanic. Make it a challenge for yourself to maintain positive K/D while playing. Use the AK in rifle servers, and the USP-S in pistol servers.

Firing Range:

  • Set the target dummy position to static, and practice your click timing by only going for the targets furthest to the left and furthest to the right interchangeably, do this for around 10 minutes.
  • Play Spike Rush and set it to hard. When set on "Hard" the AI will one shot you as soon as you peek if it has seen you, and one shot you after around half a second if you shift-peek it. Pretty decent warmup in relation to crosshair placement as you will die every single time if you aren't instantly headshotting the targets the moment you peek. Play this for another 10 minutes.

Link to my Discord server for further questions / coaching inquiries:

---------- https://discord.gg/6ZYVZ6x

New twitter : https://mobile.twitter.com/Twix_v2
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CRISPR diagnoses Ebola, herpes virus is nearly eliminated from mice via gene-editing, and other things that happened this week in synthetic biology.

Every week, I put together all of the research and other news on the fields of synthetic biology / bioengineering. I got good feedback again last week, so here it is. Hope you find this useful.

This week in news…

A beautiful article for Grow by Ginkgo about how synthetic biology can help heal the earth after devastation, WIRED covered lab-grown breast milk, a new study suggests that men are twice as likely to support germline editing than women, and FoldIt released Education Mode, “a series of interactive three-dimensional biochemistry puzzles.” Sounds like a fun weekend activity for the whole family!
Meanwhile, a podcast featured Michelle Rozo, principal director for biotechnology at the DoD, The Scientist wrote about cell-free systems and how they can help fight the pandemic, and an entire Netflix series was stored in DNA.
In academic news, researchers at Penn State received $1.2 million from the NSF to bring an enhanced gene editing method to vertebrates, a team at the University of Texas at Austin nabbed a U.S. Army grant to develop insect-inspired biomaterials, and UCSF bioengineers are racing to launch AeroNabs, an aerosolized “designer” nanobody that fights SARS-CoV-2.

This week in research…

(featuring open-access articles!)
Where is That Noise Coming From!?! (Open Access)
Gene expression in cells is “noise-y”. Protein levels vary from one cell to the next, even if those cells are genetically identical and are grown in the same environment. To find the source of this “noise”, the Bleris lab has teased apart “gene expression at the transcriptional, translational, and post-translational level using custom engineered circuits stably integrated in human cells using CRISPR”. The study, published in Nucleic Acids Research, shows that most noise comes from transcription.
Stable Genetic Circuits in E. coli (Open Access)
The Voigt lab is back, with a new study in Molecular Systems Biology. They “designed genomic landing pads in E. coli at high-expression sites” that are stable for weeks, without selection. Their integrated circuits also required fourfold less RNA polymerase compared to those same circuits on plasmids.
Diagnosing Ebola and Lassa cases in real-time (Open Access)
Viral hemorrhagic fevers demand rapid diagnostics, and CRISPR-based systems are quickly emerging as the victor. A new study, with dozens of contributing labs, shows that Cas13a (SHERLOCK, specifically) can diagnose Ebola and Lassa viruses with 100% sensitivity. The team even developed a mobile application to quickly report results, and deployed the tech in Sierra Leone and Nigeria. The work was published in Nature Communications.
Cas13a Detects Small Molecules (Open Access)
Cas13a is more versatile than you think. In a separate study, Cas13a was modified to quantify the concentration of up to eight samples in a single reaction. The team, from the University of Colorado at Boulder, thinks that “hundreds of reactions can be easily quantified in a few hours”. The work is out now in Nucleic Acids Research.
Pow Pow! Knocking Out Herpes Virus in Mice (Open Access)
The Jerome lab at the University of Washington has used meganucleases — a type of restriction enzyme — to eliminate over 90% of latent herpes simplex virus in mice. They delivered the gene-editing proteins via adeno-associated viruses (AAVs), and found that a “triple AAV serotype combination” works best. The study was published in Nature Communications; check out the press release!

More research…

(including engineered vesicles for targeted CRISPR delivery and lots of other studies)
A multiplexed bioluminescent reporter for sensitive and non-invasive tracking of DNA double strand break repair dynamics in vitro and in vivo by Chien, J.C. et al. in Nucleic Acids Research (Open Access)
A scalable CRISPCas9-based fluorescent reporter assay to study DNA double-strand break repair choice by Roidos, P. et al. in Nature Communications (Open Access)
Cell-free synthesis of natural compounds from genomic DNA of biosynthetic gene clusters by Siebels, I. et al. in ACS Synthetic Biology.
CL6mN: Rationally designed optogenetic photoswitches with tunable dissociation dynamics by Mukherjee, A. et al. in ACS Synthetic Biology.
Conditional recruitment to a DNA-bound CRISPR–Cas complex using a colocalization-dependent protein switch by Kirkpatrick, R.L. et al. in ACS Synthetic Biology.
Constructing a novel biosynthetic pathway for the production of glycolate from glycerol in Escherichia coli by Zhan, T. et al. in ACS Synthetic Biology.
Creating CRISPR-responsive smart materials for diagnostics and programmable cargo release by Gayet, R.V. et al. in Nature Protocols.
CRISPR GUARD protects off-target sites from Cas9 nuclease activity using short guide RNAs by Coelho, M.A. et al. in Nature Communications (Open Access)
CRISPR-induced indels and base editing using the Staphylococcus aureus Cas9 in potato by Veillet, F. et al. in PLoS One. (Open Access)
CRISPRi-based dynamic regulation of hydrolase for synthesis of poly-γ-glutamic acid with variable molecular weights by Sha, Y. et al. in ACS Synthetic Biology.
CRISPR interference of nucleotide biosynthesis improves production of a single‐domain antibody in Escherichia coli by Landberg, J. et al. in Biotechnology and Bioengineering.
Designed protein logic to target cells with precise combinations of surface antigens by Lajoie, M.J. et al. in Science.
Developing rapid growing Bacillus subtilis for improved biochemical and recombinant protein production by Liu, Y. et al. in Metabolic Engineering Communications (Open Access)
Dynamic control of 4-hydroxyisoleucine biosynthesis by modified L-isoleucine biosensor in recombinant Corynebacterium glutamicum by Tan, S. et al. in ACS Synthetic Biology.
Engineering AvidCARs for combinatorial antigen recognition and reversible control of CAR function by Salzer, B. et al. in Nature Communications (Open Access)
Engineering DNA nanostructures for siRNA delivery in plants by Zhang, H. et al. in Nature Protocols.
Extracellular vesicles engineered with valency-controlled DNA nanostructures deliver CRISPCas9 system for gene therapy by Zhuang, J. et al. in Nucleic Acids Research (Open Access)
Genome-wide specificity of dCpf1 cytidine base editors by Kim, D. et al. in Nature Communications (Open Access)
GOTI, a method to identify genome-wide off-target effects of genome editing in mouse embryos by Zuo, E. et al. in Nature Protocols.
High-level production of ornithine by expression of the feedback inhibition-insensitive N-acetyl glutamate kinase in the sake yeast Saccharomyces cerevisiae by Ohashi, M. et al. in Metabolic Engineering (Open Access)
Improved butanol production using FASII pathway in E. coli by Jawed, K. et al. in ACS Synthetic Biology.
Living, self‐replicating ferrofluids for fluidic transport by Mirkhani, N., Christiansen, M.G. and Schuerle, S. in Advanced Functional Materials.
Long-term rewritable report and recording of environmental stimuli in engineered bacterial populations by Zou, Z. and Ye, B. in ACS Synthetic Biology.
Optimizing bacteriophage engineering through an accelerated evolution platform by Favor, A.H. et al. in Scientific Reports (Open Access)
Photothermogenetic inhibition of cancer stemness by near-infrared-light-activatable nanocomplexes by Yu, Y. et al. in Nature Communications (Open Access)
Plasmid-based complementation of large deletions in Phaeodactylum tricornutum biosynthetic genes generated by Cas9 editing by Slattery, S.S. et al. in Scientific Reports (Open Access)
Rapid repair of human disease-specific single-nucleotide variants by One-SHOT genome editing by Yokouchi, Y. et al. in Scientific Reports (Open Access)
Rational design of a genetic finite state machine: Combining biology, engineering, and mathematics for bio-computer research by Fuente, D. et al. in Mathematics (Open Access)
Synthetic conversion of leaf chloroplasts into carotenoid-rich plastids reveals mechanistic basis of natural chromoplast development by Llorente, B. et al. in PNAS
The Genetic Code Kit: An open-source cell-free platform for biochemical and biotechnology education by Williams, L.C. et al. in Frontiers in Bioengineering and Biotechnology (Open Access)
Yarrowia lipolytica strains engineered for the production of terpenoids by Arnesen, J.A. et al. in Frontiers in Bioengineering and Biotechnology (Open Access)

This week in reviews and commentary…

Applications of CRISPR in microbial cell factory: From genome re-construction to metabolic network re-programming by Wu, K. et al. in ACS Synthetic Biology.
Control strategies to manage trade-offs during microbial production by Han, Y. and Zhang, F. in Current Opinion in Biotechnology (Open Access)
Directed evolution of CRISPCas systems for precise gene editing by Liu, R. et al. in Trends in Biotechnology.
Engineered bacteria to report gut function: technologies and implementation by Tanna, T., Ramachanderan, R. and Platt, R.J. in Current Opinion in Microbiology (Open Access)
How synthetic biology can help bioremediation by Rylott, E.L. and Bruce, N.C. in Current Opinion in Chemical Biology.
Sc3.0: revamping and minimizing the yeast genome by Dai, J. et al. in Genome Biology (Open Access)
Yeast chromosomal engineering to improve industrially-relevant phenotypes by Jin, J., Jia, B. and Yuan, Y. in Current Opinion in Biotechnology.

This week in preprints…

A high-performance genetically encoded fluorescent biosensor for imaging physiological peroxynitrite by Chen, Z. et al. bioRxiv.
A modular RNA interference system for multiplexed gene regulation by Dwijayanti, A. et al. bioRxiv.
An antiviral self-replicating molecular heterotroph by Shapiro, A. et al. bioRxiv.
An inexpensive semi-automated sample processing pipeline for cell-free RNA by Moufarrej, M.N. and Quake, S.R. bioRxiv.
A potent neutralizing nanobody against SARS-CoV-2 with inhaled delivery potential by Gai, J. et al. bioRxiv.
A toolkit to generate inducible and interconvertible Drosophila transgenes by Wendler, F. et al. bioRxiv.
Baculovirus-vectored precision delivery of large DNA cargoes in human genomes by Aulicino, F. et al. bioRxiv.
Converting Escherichia coli MG1655 into a chemical overproducer through inactivating defense system against exogenous DNA by Wang, J. et al. bioRxiv.
De Novo designed peptide and protein hairpins that self-assemble into sheets and nanoparticles by Galloway, J.M. et al. bioRxiv.
Design of synthetic human gut microbiome assembly and function by Clark, R.L. et al. bioRxiv.
Elucidation and refinement of synthetic receptor mechanisms by Edelstein, H. I. et al. bioRxiv.
Multidimensional single-cell benchmarking of inducible promoters for precise dynamic control in budding yeast by Gligorovski, V., Sadeghi, A. and Rahi, S.J. bioRxiv.
Programming animal physiology and behaviors through engineered bacteria by Gao, B. and Sun, Q. bioRxiv.
Quantitative profiling of microbial communities by de novo metaproteomics by Kleikamp, H.B.C. et al. bioRxiv.
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Single-Class Build Series: The Boulder Feels Conflicted (Kineticist Build)

Single-Class Build Series: The Boulder Feels Conflicted (Kineticist Build)
TL;DR: Alright, nerds, I finally got around to playing a Kinesticist. I dorked around best I could to whip up a solid build and commentary for this guide. If you like doing disgusting amounts of damage and enjoy an obsessive level of attention to detail, this class is for you. This guide turned out to be much more exhaustive than I initially thought.

***SPOILER WARNING: This post contains items spoilers***

"Listen up Hippo, you may be big, but you ain't bad. The Boulder's gonna win this... in a landslide!" - The Boulder.

Let's Get This Out of The Way
Kineticist is the class for players who love to micro-manage. You often adjust your powers and abilities each round to see what is optimal for the fight. Once you get your better AoE-and-or-DoT abilities (Wall, Deadly Earth, and Cloud Infusions), your maps become a friendly-fire minefield, forcing you to manage the minutia of your other party members, as well. In short, this class is a lot of work. If you're good with both of these, keep reading. If you're more a set-it-and-forget-it kind of player, make a ranged Slayer and call it a day.
Amiri doing her best to avoid the Deadly Earth (Magma, Pushing Infusion) on the battlefield.

So, you want to play a Kineticist, huh? It's not hard but there is a bit of a learning curve to this class. If you've never played one before, here are my thoughts...
  1. Watch this video from RPG Community College. It's a good introduction to the class, even though I don't follow this cat's build and disagree with a few of his tips regarding feats.
  2. Play as your main character. It's important that you start from level one. The challenge when playing the twins is that you start from level 5 to 10 or whenever you decide to get to Sorrowflow. Because there's a lot going on in this class, it helps immensely to start from the beginning.
  3. Respec your toon about half-a-dozen times (or just follow this build). This class has a lot of choices. Some abilities are buggy. Some abilities sound great but aren't.
  4. This class plays better Turn-Based, as there can be a lot to micro-manage. But it's crazy-strong, especially at later levels. Let's start with the basics.

The Basics: Attributes
For the base class (which we'll be using) and for Kinetic Knights (which I know very little about), you'll use DEX to attack and CON for everything else: Burn (see below), Wild Talent DC, blast damage, and ability duration. Since it's pretty dang easy to hit enemies with Kineticists, we'll dump all of our ability score increases into CON.
A perfect set-up for a tripping Wall Infusion. Our Elemental Overflow ability gives us a size bonus to CON and DEX, making our attacks more powerful. These are your primary attributes.

The Basics: Kinetic Blasts and Metakinesis
Kinetic Blasts is our primary ability. There are three types of Kinetic Blasts.
  • Physical Blasts (earth, air, or water) target normal enemy AC, do more damage, and bypass spell resistance.
  • Energy Blasts (fire, cold, or electricity) target touch AC, do a little less damage and are (mostly) subject to spell resistance. Once you get to level 7 and choose a second element, you can create...
  • Composite Blasts, which combine two elements together for a stronger blast. Because this class is head-shakingly high maintenance, not all elements can be combined. The list of possible composite blasts is on this page.
  • Metakinesis: Kineticists can Empower, Maximize, and Quicken their blasts as they progress in level. These abilities don't cost feats as they do for spell casters. They're free, just like your crushing level of self-doubt.
A Maximized-Empowered Composite Blast critical hit dealing 370 damage to some inn patron Varrask wanted me to visit.

The Basics: Infusions and Wild Talents
Infusions alter your blasts to make them more powerful. There are two types: Form Infusions and Substance Infusions. You can have one of each on a blast. I did my best to cherry-pick the best of both types of Infusions for this build.
  • Form Infusions: Think "blast shapes" from D&D 3.5 Warlocks: Cones, lines, increased range, walls, etc. Ideally, you want Form Infusions that do not require movement (see below, Gather Power).
  • Substance Infusions: These can add combat maneuvers to your blasts (like trip or bull rush), along with an array of other shenanigans (like blinding or staggering enemies). They give your blasts, well, substance. A little more meat with the potatoes, you know?
  • An Example: A level 11 Kineticist can create an earth Wall Infusion (Form) with a Bowling Infusion (Substance) to trip and damage enemies who try to cross it. This means Kineticists can use combat maneuvers not only from a distance but also with AoE blasts. What's even crazier is that they don't need a 13 INT or Combat Expertise to take the Trip or Bull Rush feats if they're taken as Wild Talents (see below). Oh, btw, these combat maneuvers use CON instead of STR for the base class (and K. Knights, I believe).
  • Wild Talents: Think of these like Rogue Talents or Bard Talents. They are mostly Feats with some other abilities thrown in. You get one every even level. Different elements grant access to different feats.
Even at level 6, we have a high chance to trip enemies and provoke AoO from our allies.

The Basics: Burn
What is Burn? Put simply, Burn temporarily reduces the character's hit points to buff their abilities. This HP reduction (please hear this) does not go away until you rest. Most of the time, you want to get to a certain level of Burn and stay at that level until you rest.
Examples: You can increase your attack modifier and your physical stats with Burn. You can Empower or Maximize blasts (all elements). You can Haste your party (Air) or heal allies (Water). All of these costs Burn.
Here's an analogy for you. Let's say you like spicy food. For you, food without spice is weak. Food with too much spice, however, is agonizing. There's a balance somewhere in the middle that is just right. Kineticist Burn works in a similar fashion: You want some, but not too much.
How Much Burn is Too Much? That will depend on your level. For example, at level 3, you only really want to carry one level of Burn (as it will give you +1 to attack with your KB from Elemental Overflow ability). By level 6, you want three levels of Burn because it will give you +2 to attack, along with +2 to two physical attributes of choice (we want DEX and CON of course).
This Maximized-Empowered Composite (Steam) Cloud Infusion rips through five owlbears, costing Miss Rose two points of burn.

The Basics: Gather Power
Kineticists can reduce Burn by using Gather Power (along with class Burn reduction that comes with leveling). You basically trade time (a move action, a full-round action, or both) to buff your abilities. The longer you use Gather Power, the less your ability will cost.
  • 90% of the time you will use your move action to Gather Power and use your standard action to fire a kinetic blast.
  • Longer Gather Power times are most optimally used at the beginning of combat when surprising enemies or setting up the battlefield with AoE Infusions.
Exhausted yet? Uncertain? Do you need to speak to the manager, Karen? We just got through the basics and we have a long way to go.
"The Boulder is confused" -The Boulder
We used Gather Power (Low, move action) to set up this Empowed Pushing (Bull Rush) Steam Wall (Water + Fire). The werewolf above is about ready to run back into the AoE for the second round of damage.

Which Subclass Should I Take?
To start out, we're going with the base class. A key reason we like the base class is because of Kinetic Diadems. Kinetic Diadems increase your blast damage and require a head slot. Considering Dark Elementalists and Psychokeneticists use INT and WIS respectably, it's just easier to wear a belt that gives a CON + DEX bonuses and save your head slot for the Kinetic Diadem. The lesser version is sold by Hassuf in the Capital.
Also, Psychokeneticists don't take on Burn, they instead take a massive hit to their Will saves and Wisdom-based skills (bye-bye Perception). Considering Kineticists have a low Will save already, it makes for a poor subclass.
If you are a more experienced Kineticist player, feel free to branch out. I'd say it's easier to go Dark Elementalist (INT-based). There are items that give INT and WIS bonuses that don't fill up your head slot, but they are less common. For Dark Elementalists, the Dark Robe of the Acolyte (+4 to INT and CHA) and Dark Robe of the Master (+8 to INT and CHA) can work well.

Race, Stats, Skills, and Elements
Race: I recommend playing a Human if this is your first Kineticist. Getting Point-Blank Shot and Precise Shot at level one is such a headstart to the build. The extra skill point is nice, too.
Starting Stats: DEX 16, CON 19 ( 24), adjust other stats as you wish. I like 12-14 INT for more skill points. I rank up Persuasion, Perception, Stealth, and Mobility.
Elements: Earth (Level 1), Fire (Level 7), Water (Level 15)

The Boulder Feels Conflicted (Human Kineticist 20, Earth > Fire > Water)
  1. Point-Blank Shot, Precise Shot, (Extended Range Infusion)
  2. WT: Elemental Whispers (Hare)
  3. Improved Initiative (Pushing Infusion)
  4. WT: Trip (Earth)
  5. Fury’s Fall (Bowling Infusion)
  6. WT: Greater Trip (Earth)
  7. Weapon Focus, K. Blast (Expanded Element, Fire)
  8. WT: Dazzling Display (Fire)
  9. Shatter Defenses (Eruption Infusion)
  10. WT: Dreadful Carnage (Fire)
  11. Improved Critical (Wall Infusion Wall)
  12. WT: Skill Focus, Persuasion
  13. Deadly Aim (Deadly Earth Infusion)
  14. WT: Fire's Fury
  15. Improved Precise Shot (Expanded Element: Water)
  16. WT: Bull Rush (Water) or Iron Will (Fire)
  17. FEAT of choice (Cloud Infusion)
  18. WT: Tsunami
  19. FEAT of choice (Grappling Infusion), Metakinetic Master (Maximize)
  20. WT: Greater Bull Rush (Water) or Improved Iron Will (Fire)
Dreadful Carnage popping like fireworks as this Empowered-Maximized Magma Wall Infusion takes out five goblins.
Final Feat Choices
  • Critical Focus and Staggering Critical
  • Iron Will and Improved Iron Will
  • Toughness and Skill Focus (or Persuasive)

Build Considerations: Why Not Fire First?
Simply put, the early Fire Infusions are pretty lame. A good rule of thumb is that you wan to avoid Infusions that will commonly require movement (Torrent, Fan of Flames, Spray), as you won't be able to use your Gather Power (Move) to make your blasts stronger.
Otherwise, Fire is an amazing element for a Kineticist. Targeting touch AC is powerful and there are few enemies in Chapter One who are immune or resistant to fire. Fire has great bonus feats, as well (Dazzling Display, Dreadful Carnage, Iron Will, and Improved Iron Will), some of which we'll be taking later in the build.
With the low-level Infusions being as disappointing as my dating life, it's best to pick up Fire as our Level 7 element, enjoy the benefits of later-but-better Infusions, and watch our Earth blasts turn into "liquid hot magma" (*pinky to mouth, evil laugh*).
Starting with Earth is best in the long run. Its defensive ability is the best of all four elements (damage resistance), especially compared to Fire (fire damage on hit). They also get access to the Bowling Infusion early on, allowing you to trip enemies with your blasts. Trip and Greater Trip as Wild Talents is amazing. Starting at level 5, you'll be able to trip enemies with fairly high CMD and it only gets better from there.
"The Boulder takes issue with that comment." - The Boulder
A sad Dweomercast realizing that his attacks are useless. With Earth as our primary element, we have a DR of 1 for every two Kineticist levels beyond level 2.

Build Considerations: Feats and Wild Talents
  • Deadly Aim only works with physical and composite blasts with a physical component (Magma, Steam, etc.)
  • Improved Initiative (Level 3) before Weapon Focus (level 7)? Absolutely. Since we're targeting normal AC until level 7, we want to go first in combat as much as we can to catch enemies flat-footed. Improved Initiative (along with the Hare Familiar at level 2 and a 16 Dexterity), will give us a base +11 bonus to initiative rolls at level 3. This will get even higher with DEX items and your Elemental Overflow ability.
  • Improved Precise Shot? What about Tremor Sense? If you don't know, Earth Kineticists get access to Tremor Sense (it's the same as Echolocation) at level 12. It's a great ability. You can easily work it into the build at Level 12 and take Skill Focus (Persuasion) at level 13, move Deadly Aim to level 15... You get the idea. Since I normally run with Jubilost, I can easily get Echolocation via his Infusion and have Improved Precise Shot as my back-up for surprise attacks.
  • Iron Will or No as Wild Talents (Fire)? That's up to you. Kineticists have low Will saves, so it's a great choice. However, you're a ranged combatant and not often the target of spells. I prefer the Bull Rush feats. If you don't often use the Pushing Infusion, pick up Iron Will and Improved Iron Will Instead. Another option is to ditch Critical Focus and Staggering Critical to pick up IW and IIW at level 17 and 19.
  • Grappling Infusion at 19? Isn't that a Reflex Save? Sadly, yes. However, it has a decent DC and can be used with Wall, Cloud, and Deadly Earth. I'd pick up Chilling Infusion or Synaptic Infusion if I could (stagger effect), but the elements simply don't line up for this build.
Level 16 Empowered Bowling (Trip) Composite Blast (Magma) doing a comfy 356 points of damage with the help of Deadly Aim.

But What About...?
  • Spell Penetration and Greater Spell Penetration aren't supposed to work with your energy blasts, but they do. You can take these at Level 17 and 19 if you like, but I don't recommend it. Your physical blasts and composite blasts that include a physical component (yes, even the fire energy of composite blasts, like Steam or Magma) bypass SR. Work the system, folks, or the system works you (*double-guns-finger-snap*) I just made that up, by the way. That's fortune cookie material right there.
  • Elemental Focus (Fire) and Greater Elemental Focus (Fire) are not supposed to work with your fire Eruption DC, but they do (as does the Robe of Fire, btw). In this build, please know these feats and items do not work with composite blasts (ie, Magma Eruption). Considering the Eruption Infusion DC will never be that high (perhaps 29 to 32-ish?) and it requires a Reflex save (easily avoided by enemies with Evasion), I don't think it's at all worth the cost of two feats.
  • Enemy Damage Reduction: I was initially concerned with the issue of bypassing common DR like cold iron, adamantine, silver, etc. I thought of taking Earth-Fire-Earth to pick up the Rare Metal Infusion because of this. I soon discovered that this class does so much damage and DoT that enemy DR becomes a non-issue. It's so easy to maximize and empower your blasts that the 5-15 DR you may see on enemies is moot.
  • The Air Element. If you decide to pass on the Bull Rush feats and take Iron Will and Improved Iron Will, you can actually tweak the build a bit. By taking Air as your final element, you can still pick up the Cloud Infusion at level 17 (Sandstorm) and pick up the Flash Infusion (Plasma) at level 19.

We were able to catch this War Wisp flat-footed with the help of Linzi's Dirge of Doom. We bypassed its spell immunity to our Fire KB by using a composite blast (Magma). Our Bowling Infusion (trip) provoked AoO from our melee toons, as well.

By the Levels
Level 1-4: You sling dirt at one enemy at a time and try not to die. You try to Bull Rush enemies with your Pushing Infusion, but most of the time it won't work because you're weak sauce. Do you even lift (earth), bro?
Levels 5-6: Here, you're a little more than useless, as your KB can trip enemies with the Bowling Infusion. You may be surprised how reliable it is, even on larger enemies. If you're smart, target enemies in melee combat to provoke attacks of opportunity from your allies.
Levels: 7-10: You can now target touch AC by flinging fire from your mind! Stephen King would be proud. At Level 9 you get access to two very powerful abilities: Shatter Defenses and Eruption (your first AoE attack). Exploit Linzi's Dirge of Doom and enemies will be flat-footed to your physical blasts. This will hold you over until Dreadful Carnage at level 10.
Level 11-16: You now have access to the Wall and Deadly Earth Infusions. There is no saving throw for the AoE damage and there is no roll to hit. Since you'll be fighting a lot of undead during these levels, experience the joy of maximizing fire Wall Infusions combined with their vulnerability to fire. You'll watch zombies protest the bane of their existence via self-immolation and cackle! Deadly Earth is a massive DoT AoE blast with a disgustingly long range.
Level 17-20: You are now able to toss up three AoE Infusions (Wall, Cloud, and Deadly Earth). Grappling Infusion works best on enemies with low Reflex saves (they won't last long in the AoE). Maximizing composite blasts now cost zero Burn at level 19 with Metakinetic Master (Maximize) and Gather Power (Low).
Undead Zombie Cyclops enjoying the warm glow of a Maximized-Empowered Eruption Infusion.

Other Strategies
  1. Eruption Infusion (Level 9) is a mini fireball (or magma-ball) with unlimited uses. Do not use it on enemies with high Reflex saves or who have Evasion, as it will be less effective. It's extremely effective against (most) undead.
  2. The Eruption (Fire) Infusion acts as a spell in regard to a golem and wisp spell immunity. The composite Eruption (Magma) bypasses this, I believe.
  3. Kill ranged enemies first to proc Dreadful Carnage on closer, melee enemies. They'll be flat-footed for your next round of attacks.
  4. Creating a Pushing Magma or Steam Wall will often result in enemies taking damage twice or more as they attempt to make it through the AoE.
  5. Linzi's Dirge of Doom (level 8) will make many enemies shaken (and therefore flat-footed) once you have Shatter Defenses. This will hold you over until you get Dreadful Carnage at level 10.
  6. Have Linzi cast Vanish (Level 1 Bard Spell) on your Kineticist, allowing her to get closer to enemies to set up for a strong initial attack.
  7. Use Inspire Greatness (Linzi) to give yourself some bonus HP. You'll ultimately walk into your own AoE eventually, and you'll need all the HP cushion you can get. Keep a couple of heal spells handy as well.
  8. Deadly Earth + Trip is great against annoying ranged attackers (looking at you, Wild Hunt). If the CM succeeds, standing up will allow them only one attack per round.
  9. By taking the Cloud Infusion at level 17, we can actually have three AoE's up at the same time (Wall, Deadly Earth, and Cloud).
  10. There is no saving throw for damage for your Wall, Deadly Earth, or Cloud Infusions. There is no roll to hit. The damage simply happens. Wall deals damage each time a creature passes through it. Cloud and Deadly Earth are DoT Infusions.
This Hill Giant is unable to pass through our Magma Wall Pushing (Bull Rush) Infusion. He tries twice and dies like a newb.

Tougher Scenarios
Let's take a look at an (almost) worst-case scenario. Below we have a Ferocious Devourer. They have a high spell resistance of 30 (so no Fire blast), high AC (so no Earth blast), immune to mind-effecting and fear (so we cannot get him flat-footed), and a high Reflex save (so no Eruption). What do we do? We bypass SR by making a Composite Blast (Magma, Fire + Earth), exploit his fire vulnerability, and use an attack that he cannot dodge (Wall). We'll do this each round until he dies, even though my boy, Jubi, will just kill him outright on his turn (which he did, btw). "You're my boy, Jub!"
\"Amiri.\" \"Yeah, Chief?\" \"Watch out.\"

Items of Note
  • Cloak of Shadows: +10 Enhancement Bonus to Stealth. Works great with Vanish.
  • Robe of Fire: +2 DC to Fire abilities (works with Eruption Infusion)
  • Amulet of Mighty Fists: Applies to Kinetic Blasts
  • Death From Afar: +4 to ranged attacks
  • Ring of the Natural Born Commander: +3 Insight Bonus to Persuasion
  • Mesmerizing Robe: +10 Competence bonus to Persuasion.
  • Kinetic Diadems: +1d6 or more to Kinetic Blast damage.
  • Ghost Leather: Improved Invisibility on hit for 2 rounds.
  • Colossus Ring: +2 luck bonus to Constitution and the ability to cast Enlarge Person twice a day as a 1st level wizard
  • River Fox's Memento Pendant: The wearer of this pendant gains a +5 competence bonus on all Mobility and Trickery checks and deals an additional 1d6 damage to all flanked opponents, denying their opponents' Dexterity bonus as per Sneak Attack. This damage is increased by an additional 3d6 against targets that aren't in combat. NOTE: This works with single-target blasts only with a physical component.

Final Thoughts
I'd love some feedback from more experienced Kineticist players. Regardless of how much I tweaked this build (I lost count of how many respecs I did to get it as optimal as I could), there are always ways to improve the build. Any thoughts, strategies, or items that I missed?

Level 19 Empowered-Maximized Composite (Magma) Blast landing for 639 points of damage due to the help of a Greater Kinetic Diadem.
"The Boulder is over his conflicted feelings, and now he's ready to bury you in a rock-a-lanche!" -The Boulder.
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Weekly Update: Blink-and-you-miss Parena, CyberFM suspends On-Air Ads, Intellishare withdrawal announcement, BitForex + Mycro.. – 20 Mar - 26 Mar'20

Weekly Update: Blink-and-you-miss Parena, CyberFM suspends On-Air Ads, Intellishare withdrawal announcement, BitForex + Mycro.. – 20 Mar - 26 Mar'20
Heyo folks! Want to get off the COVID-19 news cycle? Hop onto the Parachute express. Here’s your week at Parachute + partners (20 Mar - 26 Mar'20):

Doc Vic hosted a CoD Mobile Battle Royale in the Parachute War Zone while Alejandro hosted a gun mode flash game followed by a free for all flash game. The PAR4PAR raffle continues too. Get on in the action to win some cool $PAR just for HODLing. Afful held a trivia in TTR for 1k $PAR in prizes per question. While Gamerboy’s history trivia in tiproom was a ton of fun, Charlotte’s math quiz bamboozled everyone. Foo held a blink-and-you-miss Parena this week. Gian’s Two-for-Tuesday was a welcome respite in these testing times with Parachuters invited to post music from their home countries. Sebastian, like always, was a Godsend for setting up a playlist of all the posts. For #wholesomewed, Parachuters looked for "the most ridiculous item for sale of Amazon". Haha!
The wackiest #wholesomewed entries from Streamr, Franklin and Christian (L-R)
Click here to watch this week’s aXpire update video. For the weekly token burn, 20k $AXPR was sent to the Ethereum Genesis Address. 2gether has observed a 236% rise in crypto purchases during the COVID-19 crisis period. Results of these findings were published on Cointelegraph as well as shared in a video by YouTuber Tiziano Tridico. Bounty0x Telegram community members were in for a treat this week. The project partnered with Unstoppable Domains to offer a free .crypto domain to everybody who followed the instructions here. Switch published their latest product update this week. Click here to read about Fantom’s views on regulations and expansion plans in Korea. The latest technical update was published as well. Following the project’s partnership with Band Protocol which was announced last week, the two teams got together for an AMA this week. Plus, congrats on reaching 1Bn staked $FTM! A brand new API was released so that it could keep up with the chain followed by the release of its chain explorer – Fantom Vision. Uptrennd founder Jeff Kirdeikis hosted a community AMA to take feedback on how to improve the platform. Jeff also wrote about the markets and how they have affected Uptrennd amidst the COVID-19 situation. And congrats on the merch shop. Get your Uptrennd gear, folks! Digibyte won the public vote which started last week to select a project for a free free review + marketing package from Uptrennd. The report will be published next week. Entries for the Article of the Month contest ended this week with a public vote to adjudge the best. CyberFM suspended all On-Air advertising this week to be replaced by public service announcements and free advertising for small local businesses.
That is a big jump indeed
Harmony’s #pow thread is a detailed summry of the individual-level work of all team members over the last week. The weekly video digest can be seen here. The crew also conducted a meetup over Zoom this week. Validators, delegators and stakers have their own chat room now as well. The winners of the $ONE trading competition on ViteX started few weeks back were announced this week. Privacy protocol Suterusu partnered with Harmony to add new privacy features to the $ONE blockchain. $ONE got listed on SimpleSwap. Mainnet swap was completed on HitBTC. Did you know it would less than a minute to recover your node after a network hard reset? Check out this video to see for yourself. Plus, a demo of how cheap a transaction can be showed you could do almost a thousand transactions with 1 $ONE. The project also joined hands with several other blockchain companies to contribute computing power for COVID-19 research through BOINC Network. Intellishare announced a deadline (24 Apr’20) with withdraw all funds from their website to prepare for an upgrade. GET Protocol CEO Maarten Bloemers wrote penned his thoughts on the present COVID-19 crisis and how the platform is coping with it. Despite the lockdown, the team’s “spirits” continue to remain high. Get it, get it? Haha. As the Q1 2020 burn report gets close, the community got together to guess the burn amount to win some cool $GET tokens. THE $COTI top management were invited by Cardano this week to talk about payment networks. Following the claim reward option released last week, the unstake option was also made available to stakers on the mainnet wallet starting this week. A new upgrade was made to the transaction distribution algorithm to ensure fair chance to all participating nodes in the network. For the latest project status report, click here. Plus, congratulations on the new funding round. $ETH HODLers, you might want to check your wallets. DoYourTip airdropped 20 $DYT tokens to each wallet that held some ParJar supported tokens this week.
New unstake option in the COTI mainnet wallet
This week’s District0x Dapp Digest had former professional basketball player and founder of DAOhub Auryn Macmillan as an interviewee. The District Weekly covers the last 7 days in the District0xverse. Hydrogen announced an integration with KYC provider Trulioo this week. The project was also mentioned in a Forbes article listing fintechs that were offering free technology in the COVID-19 crisis. Thinking of building a fintech app? The crew explained what it takes to make one in their latest blog post. Crypto chartist Stacking USD announced a partnership with Sentivate where he will be creating curated $SNTVT-focused content. Still haven’t seen Sentivate’s social site? Check out the FAQs to learn more. BitForex partnered with Mycro to have their latest campaign on the Mycro Hunter App. SelfKey joined Blockfolio Signal this week. This allows them to share project updates as notifications with Blockfolio users. How could COVID-19 affect your data security? Read all about it in SelfKey’s latest blog post. Plus, tips for WFH (Work From Home) during the lockdown. WhiteBIT was added to the exchange marketplace this week. The team also answered some FAQs on the $KEY token and tokenomics. Additionally, the team wrote about how China’s Social Credit System would mean for the digital identity ecosystem. KuCoin announced support for Constellation’s $DAG mainnet swap. CEO Ben Jorgensen also shared some updates on the swap and onboarding node operators. Owing to the COVID-19 lockdowns, Wibson crew attended this week’s Ethereum Buenos Aires meetup on Zoom.

And with that, it’s a close for this week at Parachute! See you again with another update. Bye for now!
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My view of the war so far and my guesses as to what happens next.

Before I begin, please don’t spoil anything past the events of light novel volume 6.
1.) I’ve watched the anime and read the officially translated Light Novels (i.e. until volume 6). I haven’t read the manga. The available maps are not very good so I’m using my best guesses at times.
2.) This started out as my wanting to write a short summary and set of guesses as to what was going on but just kept growing.
3.) I will be using real world names for geographical entities/locations and in-universe names for political entities.
The Empire:
- Core territories:
- Held territories listed as “hot spots”:
o Imperial Ostland
o Imperial Dacia:
o Unredeemed Ildoa:
- List of colonies unknown
- Strategic situation at start of war (i.e. June-1923):
- Strategic situation at the end of volume 6 (i.e. April-1927):
The Republic:
- Core territories:
- Known colonies:
- Strategic situation at start of war:
- Strategic situation at the end of volume 6:
The Commonwealth:
- Core territories:
- List of colonies unknown but likely has large colonial possessions
- Strategic situation at start of war:
- Strategic situation at the end of volume 6:
The Entente Alliance:
- Core territories:
- List of colonies unknown, possibly none
- Strategic situation at start of war:
- Strategic situation at the end of volume 6:
The Grand Duchy/Principality of Dacia (main map says Grand Duchy, text says Principality):
- Core territories:
- List of colonies unknown, possibly none
- Strategic situation at the start of war:
- Strategic situation at the end of volume 6:
The Federation:
- Known territories:
- Unknown if it controls the rest of the USSR but presumably yes.
- Unknown if there are overseas colonies but presumably not.
- Strategic situation at start of war:
- Strategic situation at the end of volume 6:
The Unified States:
- Presumably the USA but no map available
- Strategic situation at start of war:
- Strategic situation at the end of volume 6:
The Kingdom of Ildoa:
- Core territories:
- Known colonies:
- Strategic situation at the start of war:
- Strategic situation at the end of volume 6:
The Waldstätte Confederation:
- I.E. Switzerland
- Strategic situation presumably identical to Switzerland, i.e. armed neutrality
The Ispagna Collective:
- Only labelled map seen in anime
- Appears to be the entire Iberian Peninsula
- Strategic situation:
The Turkman Principalities:
- Possibly the Ottoman Empire but no map available.
- Ildoa is trying to push colonies into some of their territories.
- No further information available
My analysis:
- Of the Empire:
- Of the Entente portion of the war:
- Of the Rhine Front:
- Of the Dacian portion of the war:
- Of the “Southern continent”:
- Of the war with the Federation:
- Of Ildoa:
- Of the war with the Commonwealth:
- Of the Unified States:
- Of Kampfgruppe Salamander:
- Of Tanya:
Guesses on the near future:
- On the Eastern Front:
- On the Federation:
- On Ildoa:
- On the “Southern Continent”:
- On the Commonwealth:
- On the Unified States:
- On Kampfgruppe Salamander:
- On the insurgency in the Entente:
Guesses on the long-term:
- It is known that the Empire would lose the war but it is not yet stated how and it is unclear what the Empire will look like post-war.
- It is my hope that Carlo Zen does not go down the route of the Empire making one last all-out offensive push to convince its enemies that defeating the Empire outright would be too costly and then sue for peace. These are the reasons:
- My guess as to what happens towards the end the war:
- My guess as to what triggers serious peace talks:
- The Empire will agree to a conditional surrender:
- All details regarding Tanya, the 203rd and Being X are heavily classified by all sides:
- As regards to Tanya:
If anyone actually read this, thanks for reading. Of course, I expect most to all of my predictions to be wrong but I had fun writing this.
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COVID-19 News Archive (3rd May - 31st May 2020)

Purpose of this thread is to archive all news links under COVID-19 update thread due to space constraints.
Bengal extends lockdown till June 15; allows TV, cinema production from June 1
In Bengal, malls, eateries and offices to reopen outside ‘affected area’ from June 1
Lockdown: First commercial flight arrives at Agartala from Kolkata with over 160 passengers
Coronavirus Lockdown 5.0 in West Bengal: State shifting to Sweden model; here’s what it means
Amid lockdown, this Kolkata hospital is conducting dialysis at Rs 50 only
Despite Low Testing, Highest Mortality Rate, Kolkata Has a Silver Lining in Fight Against Covid-19.
Lockdown Cripples Asia’s Largest Flower Market In Kolkata
Students likely to attend classes on alternate days after schools reopen: State Education Minister Partha Chatterjee
Passenger detected with high temperature on first flight to Kolkata
কোথায় স্বাস্থ্যবিধি, সরব বিমান যাত্রীরা
Flying to Kolkata today? New rules for domestic flight passengers in West Bengal
nCoV survivor first plasma donor in Bengal
Bengal’s new Covid worry: 200 extra ‘unplanned’ trains
‘Plastic distancing’ comes to Kolkata cabs, autos
West Bengal, Kerala record biggest single-day spike with fresh COVID-19 cases
Coronavirus lockdown | All shops, parlours in Kolkata's Category C zones to open
Purulia, Bankura see Covid uptick as migrants return
All schools and colleges in West Bengal to remain closed till June 30
Vegetable supply dips, prices soar in Kolkata
Kolkata resumes domestic flights today amid COVID-19 lockdown
Bengal issues guidelines as domestic flight operations resume on May 28: Here are new rules
Kolkata limps back to work with relaxations.
Kolkata’s twin Howrah is crumbling under Covid with no masks for doctors, delayed test results.
Total lockdown from 7pm-7am, but won’t impose ‘curfew’ on people, says CM Mamata Banerjee
TV and Film shoot in West Bengal to resume from May 21 in 'Clean Areas' with safety measures
In locked-down, New Garia Metro work resumes
Cops take watchtower route to monitor wholesale market crowd in Kolkata
Online heritage lectures help museums bridge social distance in Kolkata
S Kolkata now has more high-risk Covid zones than north & central
Two potential plasma donors screened at MCH
Centre’s stimulus package is a big zero for us: West Bengal CM
Covid-19 brings bitter times for pineapple farmers in West Bengal
Lockdown4: What's Allowed In West Bengal Now
Kolkata grapples with nurse exodus
Humble hand-pulled rickshaws turn saviour in city’s containment zones
Fewer +ve cases in south Kol containment zones
Govt starts testing for lockdown-exit strategy
Two-month-old, state’s youngest survivor, goes home with mom
Pvt hosps counsel nurses to stay back
Stricter clampdown planned after markets emerge as a cause of worry
Covid-19 tests reach 6000 per day in Bengal
Mamata government faces new challenge as 185 Manipur nurses leave West Bengal amid COVID-19 crises
Buses increased; cops keep eye on passenger count
Plasma therapy clinical trial to begin in city after DCGI nod
54 zones in city shake off containment tag
First time in a week, new cases below 100 in West Bengal
Eight die even as West Bengal govt works to ease curbs in red zones
Kolkata's renowned idol-making hub Kumartuli badly hit due to lockdown
West Bengal suffers Rs 4,000 cr revenue loss in April amid lockdown: Report
West Bengal COVID-19 warriors worry over tiny, oversize PPE
From screening to self-tagging luggage: Kolkata airport gets corona-proof makeover for safe travel
Yellow taxis to ply from May 18 with 30% fare hike in Kolkata
Howrah civic services hit after 42 workers test +ve
Howrah Slum, Home To 3,000 People, Records 38 COVID-19 Cases: Official
West Bengal govt will run 105 additional special trains to bring migrants back home: Mamata Banerjee
Private hospitals resume normal services
Eight more die, count of recovered patients rises
Doctor travels 2200 km during lockdown to fight Covid-19 in his home state West Bengal
No patients in hospitals, unused medicines nearing expiry dates
West Bengal government adds 7 bus routes, to operate 13 services
Sample collection goes mobile in Calcutta
New hope against Covid-19 in slums of Kolkata
After seven weeks, relief engine under stress
West Bengal government promotes Class 11 students without exam
Indian-American doctor writes to West Bengal govt; says COVID-19 exceptionally infective, highly lethal
App cabs in Kolkata, Howrah, Salt Lake from today
Centre to directly track Bengal coronavirus cases with new app after weeks of clash over numbers
Doctors' Body Urges Centre To Relook Revised COVID-19 Discharge Policy
113 dead in Bengal, including historian Vasudevan
Centre, Bengal tussle over migrants’ return
COVID-19: Containment zones in Kolkata increase to 338
After slums, bulk testing in Salt Lake
80% of patients in MCH now Covid positive
Three Covid-19 suspects near Posta spark fresh concern
Health dept wary of equipment at private hosp testing facilities
Spike in spice prices burns holes in pockets
West Bengal sees highest single-day spike in cases, deaths; infections near 2,000, toll rises to 113
Liquor outlets in Bengal run out stock, down shutters amid COVID-19 lockdown
With country’s highest Covid-19 mortality rate, West Bengal a concern for Centre
Two defence establishments declared as coronavirus COVID-19 containment zones in Kolkata
Covid-19: ‘No water in toilets’, claim people quarantined at hospital in Bengal’s Asansol
More hospitals suspend operations after infection, harassment of staffers
Shifting of south Kolkata market increases distress for vendors
Catholic Association of West Bengal reaches out to the poor amid lockdown
Kolkata heroes feed strays, distribute ration among the needy in times of lockdown
130 new coronavirus cases reported in Bengal as of 8:00 AM - May 9
New containment zones come up in south Kolkata
Over a month on ventilator, 52-year-old social worker discharged
Kolkata’s Howrah Bridge lit up to mark Tagore’s birthday, honour Covid-19 warriors
২৪ ঘণ্টায় করোনা-আক্রান্ত ১৩০, চিন্তা বাড়াচ্ছে হাওড়া এবং কলকাতা
SBI shuts Kolkata office after employee tests positive for COVID-19
৩৮ দিন ভেন্টিলেশনে থেকেও করোনাকে হারিয়ে বাড়ি ফিরলেন টালিগঞ্জের রোগী
Looking for home delivery of liquor in West Bengal? Here’s the process for online booking at excise.wb.gov.in
'Soon, No one Will be Left to Treat Covid-19 Patients': West Bengal Doctors' Forum Rings Alarm Bells
West Bengal asks hospitals to start immunization
West Bengal allows home delivery of liquor, BEVCO launches website for ordering
Fighting coronavirus in Kolkata: State plans to decentralize Posta trade
Opposition questions state govt data as swine flu, influenze cases rise in West Bengal
Seven more Covid-19 deaths, 92 new cases in West Bengal
Situation in Howrah grim after reports of Golabari tests come in
No money, hotel bills pile up as 33 West Bengal tourists remain stranded for over a month in Amritsar
COVID-19 crisis: West Bengal starts online delivery of liquor amid lockdown 3.0
Two central team members on quarantine after BSF infections
Kolkata pvt lab sealed, fined for Covid19 testing
Low liquor stock, bulk buying may lead to dry spell in Kolkata
Central team to start survey next week in Kolkata
Back home, workers worry about those yet to make it
RWAs behaving like hostel wardens, say angry residents of Kolkata
West Bengal govt converts Kolkata Medical College into Covid-19 hospital
Five BSF jawans attached to IMCT convoy in Kolkata test positive for coronavirus COVID-19
Bengal spots SARI and ILI cases in month-long survey
Covid test kit for Rs 500: Kolkata start-up unveils indigenous instant kit, gets ICMR nod
North-south gap in Kolkata containment zones
Stress on e-passes after traffic-volume surge
Kolkata cinema hall owners not optimistic about post-lockdown revival
Ambulance Charges 1.3 Lakh from Vellore to Bengal: Patients Appeal
Only 40% off-shops open in Kolkata after excise issues no-mask-no-booze rule
400-bed Kolkata private hospital shuts down ops after doctors, staff contract Covid-19
Lockdown Extended in Kolkata: Full list of activities permitted in Kolkata from Monday, 4 May 2020
West Bengal records 15 COVID-19 deaths in past 48 hours
Ban lifted, liquor shops may open from Monday
More than 250 Jorabagan cops want to undergo tests
Refused by hospitals, cancer patient dies
Firms chart plans for home delivery of non-essentials
Survivor nurse ready to serve
41 patients discharged from MR Bangur in a day
State, Centre differ on red-zone classification
Ration violence rocks Murshidabad
Cured, new mom returns with baby
Doc tests -ve, but mother ostracized
Advised by govt, health facilities gear up to resume ‘normalcy’
Private hosps add more Covid beds
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